Welcome at The Green Rhinos 

As a fanatic carp angler I have traveled through many countries to catch big and strong carp in different waters. During these trips I often had the feeling that all of this had to be more compact, more luxurious and above all more mobile. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced everything from being as compact as possible and having hardly any gear with me to running successful sessions. 
However, from the moment I had children, fishing was no longer a given and I planned fewer, but longer sessions. As the number of sessions decreased, I was sometimes spending weeks on end at waters with hardly any facilities. From there, the idea for The Green Rhinos was born, looking for the perfect combination between compact, luxurious and mobile. 
So I started looking for a bus that offered enough space for all my necessary gear. In addition, this bus had to be equipped with all the conveniences, such as a power supply, cooking facilities and a refrigerator for non-perishable products and say it yourself, a cooled beer still tastes better than a lukewarm one. 
Perhaps our biggest requirement was that the buses should be‘all-terrain’ and not get stuck in the mud. We want to make this possible by making these buses available to everyone through our unique rental concept. We can say with complete confidence that we have put together the perfect buses with all mod cons! 
You have come to the right place for a carefree fishing vacation, the only thing missing is the location! 
When we developed our idea for the buses, we soon felt the need for a tent that, like the buses, had to be robust and luxurious. For this we entered into a collaboration with Karsten, who will take care of the entire production. Karsten’s philosophy fits in seamlessly with our vision of quality, service and customization. In addition, we can be confident that our customers will be sitting on the water’s edge with high-quality material.
We also want to distinguish ourselves by adding well thought-out and high quality products that are directly related to angling. Stay tuned and follow our social media channels to stay informed about all our new releases.
We at The Green Rhinos are always ready to provide you with the right advice, service and customization!

Best regards,

Michael Hoogenraad

The Green Rhinos